About Canacol

Canacol is the leading independent gas exploration and production company in Colombia. Our goal is to create prosperity and satisfaction for all our stakeholders by being the most reliable and sustainable producer of energy in Latin America.

Our strengths:

  • Experienced and focused management and technical teams;
  • Culture of innovation, technical excellence, and corporate social responsibility.
  • Track record of exploration success and growth in production, reserves, cash flow, and earnings;
  • Long-term fixed price sales contracts, providing low volatility and relatively high realized gas prices;
  • Low operating costs, supporting high and stable margins
  • Strong balance sheet with very little debt repayable before 2025, and growing cash flow;
  • Returning value to shareholders through regular quarterly dividend;
  • Large exploration resource potential in a proven play with low levels of competition;

Since our founding, Canacol has grown by applying innovation and technical expertise in underexplored oil and gas plays in Latin America. Starting in 2012 we have shifted from being predominantly oil-focused, to being mainly gas-focused today. We did so in order to capture full value from our natural gas potential onshore northern Colombia, where we have been the only active gas driller for the last 5 years, creating a significant competitive edge over potential new entrants to the play, in which we have had significant success.

Canacol believes its people, together with the communities the company works in, are the key to long-term success. That is why we have focused on attracting and retaining one of the top exploration and production teams in Latin America, and why we hold ourselves to the highest standards of corporate social responsibility.