One of our top objectives at Canacol Energy is to generate value for all our stakeholders. These include the communities of our area of operation, our shareholders, our employees, the government, and the citizens in general. Operating safely, responsibly, and respectfully with the environment makes it possible to achieve our goals.



We at Canacol Energy support and implement a sustainable model for our social environment. This model seeks coexistence and harmony with communities of our area of operations.



These principles reflect our values as a Corporation.
Through the adoption of a collaborative approach, acting openly and responsibly, contributing to development, and respecting human rights, we work to be a welcomed investor and valued by communities.




At Canacol Energy we are committed to improving the quality of life of the people living in our areas of influence. To this end, we have designed and implemented five important lines of social investment:




We search for sustainable projects, while we promote self-management and sustainable development of the communities in our area of operation.

In 2017, we created the Entretejiendo Foundation. The Foundation works with global entities to develop social investment projects for the common good and was born from our interest for improving the quality of life of the communities in our area of influence.




At Canacol Energy we respect and protect the environment. We carry out exhaustive evaluations of environmental impact before any exploration, development or production activities, in order to prevent any adverse environmental impact. We are committed to reducing emissions and waste, and to the efficient use of energy and other natural resources. Through disciplined programs and training, we mitigate and compensate for environmental impacts.




At Canacol Energy, we are transparent with our stakeholders. Our corporate values promote honesty, collaboration and compromise. Since 2014, we created the Annual Sustainability Report. These reports follow the Global Reporting Initiative ("GRI") method. The reports adhere to the Essential Option of the GRI Standards. We believe in transparency and we document the actions we take to comply with our commitments with our stakeholders. Our annual sustainability and corporate responsibility report also help us keep track of our performance and continue to improve the way we run our business.


Sustainability Report 2019


Executive Summary 2019


Scorecard 2018



In 2014, we voluntarily adhered to the Global Pact of the United Nations, especially demonstrating our commitment with corporate sustainability. Since then, the Global Pact and its standards are a fundamental pillar in our day to day.

This way, we consistently and permanently adopt the ten universal principles that cover four thematic areas: human rights, labor standards, environment and anti-corruption: similarly, we have created strategies that contribute to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals, guaranteeing well-being and successful results to our stakeholders.




In Canacol Energy we have an Integrated Management System HSEQ. The system is based in ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 14001: 2015, OHSAS 18001: 2007 and the application of SA 8000 and ISO 31000. The system is certified by the International Certification Authority SGS. These high standards promote continuous improvement in all our operational phases.