Entretejiendo Foundation

The Entretejiendo Foundation is born from our interest in improving the quality of life of the communities of the area of influence, and for the need to strengthen the social investment exercise through the creation of an CSR integral project and the structuring and execution of medium and long term projects, always attending to the spirit of social responsibility, common good, cooperation and community service.


"We are guided by the conviction that together we weave a better tomorrow."



Develop and implement innovative solutions for the social challenges in the regions, with a focus on integral participation among communities, authorities, business, foundation and other strategic partners.



To be the leading organization in social management innovation and a benchmark for the hydrocarbons sector in the country, recognized as a catalyst for the sustainable development of the regions.




Promote local development
Structure medium and long term projects
Articulate Projects with communities and local authorities
Promote programs with sustainable impact


Structure projects based un accurate diagnostics and with measurable results
Get additional resources
Leave installed capacity in the territory


The Projects

Ongoing projects that are being interweaved




Between the Entretejiendo Foundation, Canacol Energy and Surtigas, we have built this project that seeks to benefit over 7.500 people with natural gas service, through distribution networks, connections, and internal natural gas installations in seven villages in Sahagún. This project, aside from improving health conditions and the quality of life of its beneficiaries, will positively contribute with ecosystems, seeking to eradicate deforestation generated by the recurrent use of wood for cooking.




Through a course in the methodology of the Pisotón program of the Universidad del Norte, we look to train educational agents and other beneficiaries whose job is to care for and/or educate children. This program, focused on the Psycho-affective Development and Emotional Education of children between 2 and 14 years old, has national and international recognition.




It is a program of Community Leadership of the Cedesocial Foundation, accompanied and certified by the Leadership International Institute. Its objective is to achieve a social transformation process and promote a culture of peace in young people, with a methodology of socio-cultural animation, based on a process of Formation, Empowerment, and Community Participation of young leaders of the region (17-30 years old), with tools for formulating and seeking funding for some community development projects that contribute to local development and help strengthen the links of these young people with their territory.




It is a program developed by the Haciendo Equipo Foundation of the Postobón Company, created to help solve problems of access to rural education in Colombia, facilitating the path to reach the educational campus and thus contribute to reducing school dropouts. We seek to benefit students who live more than 30 minutes from school and do not have a school route, over nine years old, and Sisbén 0, 1 and 2.




Our goal is to guarantee the access to medical consultations and surgical procedures to people who, due to their poverty status, have not had real access to quality health services. Through an alliance with the Colombian Civil Air Patrol we were able to bring health brigades to areas in vulnerable conditions and difficult access.  Additionally, we offer veterinary and hygiene day for dogs and cats from people of the communities.




In partnership with entities of the education sector and the local and national government, we intend to train and accompany the different local authorities and community leaders in the formulation of projects with royalties resources and production incentives, to strengthen the viability of their approval before the municipality College of Management and Decision (OCAD), a so, leave capacity installed for the effective formulation of said projects. 




Through this pedagogical model, we seek to straighten the practices in art, music and sport in the educational community and stimulate skills and initiatives to be used in their free time.




We seek to train community researchers that contribute in lifting the biodiversity inventory of the region, the country and the world, contributing with its preservation and care through awareness in the care and protection of fauna and flora. This project encourages interaction with the best researchers in the world belonging to important to important programs such as the National Geographic and the Humboldt Institute.




We aim to offer water purification tools, trainings that promotes the use and care of the water resource and the improvement of personal hygiene.


Projects in Development

With this program we intend to generate good environmental practices by promoting innovative initiatives that encourage the use of waste and responsible use of natural resources. "The more I recycle, the more things I receive in return"

The objective of this project is to impact the community social development on young leaders and their families, seeking to strengthen leadership, economic autonomy and also strengthen their family productive initiatives. 

We seek talent and vocation in soccer thought sports and human training with an opportunity to get in professional teams.


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